Handstand and Hip Mobility Posters

$ 20.00

Sold Out

Clever, and colorful, combinations of words and pictures, on full size glossy posters. Nail that handstand, and get that hip mobility dialed in with these brilliant tips, and pointers. Two separate posters included.

Perfect for studios, classrooms, fitness centers, telephone poles, bingo halls and more... Put 'em up in your cubicle, conference room, bus stop, anywhere you'd like :). 

  • Qty: (2) posters
  • 12 X 18 
  • Full color
  • GMB approved
  • Recycled materials  

Free shipping within the US, for a limited time. Estimated shipping charge for a pair of posters is around $9.00 for the rest of the world. Charges are based on weight, and location. May vary at check out if combined with any other swank GMB merchandise.

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